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Call: (914) 827-3600

Email: 3rduniverse@gmail.com

35 N Riverside Ave

Croton-on-Hudson, NY 10520


The class is designed for kids 10 – 15, but all ages are welcome to participate.

Your first class is FREE; subsequent sessions are $20 per person.

Come join us!

Every Saturday at 10:30AM we have a 2-hour session of game play, critical discussion, and learning new skills to design and prototype your very own board and card games!

Topics covered include

Game components & vocabulary – What makes something a game, anyway? What makes a game fun?

Themes & mechanics – How do they work together to create a great experience?

Balance & Flow – Why are some games easy or boring, while others can be enjoyed for months or years?

Rewards & Assessment – Can cardboard give feedback? How will your players know if they’re winning?

Game Design Process –The four P’s: Plan, Prototype, Playtest, and Publish!

Meaningful, Memorable, FUN!

Systems thinking, design processes, prototyping, quality assurance… these skills are critical if you want to execute any great idea, whether it’s a board game, an invention, or a work of art. By designing their own games, students apply what they’ve learned in a way that’s tangible, meaningful, and memorable. Plus, it’s a ton of fun!

Game Design Workshop