Magic has something for everyone!

Every Friday night we have our "FNM" event. Our format alternates weekly between Draft and Standard. Sometimes we break from the norm when new sets come out (such as Battlebond) so keep an eye on our Events page!

Most Saturday evenings, we host Standard Showdown which is a chance for players to come test out their latest Standard deck. Each season culminates in a Store Championship where players compete for special deck boxes and a "Champion" play mat.

We also host Magic League (which might appeal to more casual players), prerelease events for each new set, and more so keep checking back to see what we have planned!

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New to Magic? Not sure what terms like "standard" and "draft" mean? Check out our new player resources and stop by the shop for a FREE welcome deck!

Wizards Play Network requires that all participants have an ID number (called a DCI Number) in order to play in sanctioned events. Players under the age of 13 will need parental cosent to sign up.

From time to time, Wizards of the Coast deems cards too strong or dominant to be allowed in tournament play. The Banned list is updated every few months.