New and Experienced players welcome!

New players can learn more about Pokemon during our FREE League Play sessions every Saturday at 1pm and earn cool promos along the way.

Experienced players can also participate in our League Play sessions as well as our weekly standard tournaments that follow at 3pm!

Keep your eyes open for our monthly League Challenges and our quarterly League Cup Tournaments where you can compete for exclusive promos as well as Play! Points. We also host prerelease events for each new set!

See our Events page for more information on upcoming events!


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Pokemon Organized Play or "POP" requires that all participants have an ID in order to play the game. Players under the age of 13 will need their parents to sign up for an account and then add them as a child to that parental account.


Some of our events require deck lists to enter. You can print that here and fill it out before arriving at the event. Just be sure that your deck is presented in the same order as your deck list.